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Happy Ace Casino App Download

happy ace casino app download, you will have to install it. After that, you will have to open it, while opening you will have to click on Login/Sign-up. Just like you will sign-up, you will get 30 rupees. You will be asked for your Mobile Number, OTP, and Password.

  1. Point Rummy – Friends Point Rummy is a type of Rummy, inside this, you have to play the Happy Ace Casino game with other players, if you defeat your friends then you will win.
  2. Ludo – You can play Ludo inside this game, Ludo Games as it is very easy and simple to play. In this, you have to throw dice. And the player who reaches home first is the winner in this game and the winner gets the Bet Amount.
  3. 3 Patti – Friends, everyone knows about Teen Patti Games, so there is no need to tell us, yet I will tell you some things, in this game Max Players can play 5 sitting together on Teen Patti Table. Are.
  4. Ek Patti – Friends, Ek Patti is such a game, inside which you get an interface like Dragon vs Tiger. Here you get an option like God and Devil, and along with that here you get the option of Draw instead of Tie.
  5. Poker War – Friends, Poker War is such a game, inside which you get an interface like Andar Bahar. Here you get options like King and Queen, and along with that here you get the option of Lucky Shot.
  6. There is a game like Happy Farmer – Happy Farmer Fruit Lines, inside this you have to guess the fruits and if your guess is correct then you will win this game and you will get 2 times to 10 times the amount here. Will happen.
  7. Best Of Five – Best of Five is a Happy Ace Casino game where you get five cards, if the card dealt by the dealer matches the card shown by him, then that player will win and he will get the money he won.
  8. Fishing Rush – Fishing Rush is such a game, if you are into fishing, then you can earn a lot of money by fishing in this game.
  9. 7Up Down – 7Up Down is such a game that three slots will be found here. Where if you bet between 2-6 and you win, you will get 2 times the money. And even if you invest between 8-12, you will get double the money. And if you bet on 7, you will get 5 times the money.

Happy Ace Casino Without Investment Earning

  1. Sing Up Bonus – If you sign up in Happy Ace Casino APK then you get a bonus of Rs.40. If you do a guest login. You will get Rs.10. You can use this bonus to play games.
  2. Daily Bonus – Gives Bonus to Login daily i.e. if you open this application daily then you do Daily Checking then you get Daily Bonus here
  3. Share – Share with your friends and relatives. Click on Earn Free Cash. And click on Share if you share this app then you get Rs.10 on each share.
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Happy Ace Casino Investment Earning

  1. Games – You people can earn money by playing Happy Ace Casino games but for this, you have to add some money. happy ace casino game download you can earn money by playing not one or two but many games.
  2. VIP Member – If you become a VIP Member, you can earn money from people. If you people add money to this application, then you can also become a member. After becoming a VIP member, you will get bonuses like Sign Up Bonus, Weekly Bonus, Monthly Bonus, and Level Bonus.

KYC Info in Happy Ace Casino

First of all open Happy Ace Casino. After that, you will click on your profile. After that, you will see the option of KYC Info. Click on that option. As soon as you click, the option of KYC will open. Where you have to verify by entering the number of your PAN card and Aadhaar card.

happy ace casino kyc info

Because OTP will go on your registered mobile number? And fill in your first name and last name. Mobile number and email id have to be given. Your KYC will be done completely.

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